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Gia Bracelet

Gia Bracelet

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The Gia bracelet is designed and handmade with love by Gianna, a former Waterside student and current 7th grader at Greenwich Academy. After shifting her hobby of jewelry making into a business, Gia’s jewelry, Gia was committed to donate a portion of her proceeds to the place she deems responsible for setting her up for academic success: Waterside School.


Waterside is an independent, donation funded elementary school in Stamford, Connecticut, serving children of promise regardless of limitations or circumstances. We applaud Gia’s desire to serve her community and half of the proceeds from the Gia bracelet will be donated to the Waterside School.

“It felt amazing to show my appreciation to Waterside School for everything it has done for my sister and I over the years.” -Gia

Each bracelet is a unique shade of blue

Premium Materials

- OEKO-TEX® certified fabric
- Traditional collar
- 5 button placket
- Built-in bra snaps
- Embroidered logo on the chest

Care Instructions

- Wash inside out.
- Machine wash cold.
- Do NOT bleach.
- Tumble Dry low
- Iron low.

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